Ashlee Chapman-Burcher placed second in the creative long hair category. PHOTO/SUPPLIED


Wairarapa hairdressing students with a flair for hair have placed in the top three spots in UCOL’s annual History of Hair competition.

Students had one hour to create their styles in class in the lead up, and 10 minutes to apply any finishing touches on the day of the competition.

Students also had to design vision boards, which showed the research and inspiration behind their styles.

Wairarapa’s Ashlee Chapman-Burcher and Annette Pile came second and third respectively in the creative long hair competition.

Fellow Wairarapa hairdresser Gypsy Maulder came third in the vision board section of the creative long hair competition.

The competition, held at UCOL’s Manawatu campus last Wednesday, saw students from the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing Level Three research and recreate hairstyles from different periods and cultures throughout history.

New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing Level Four students competed in a separate category, in which they created their own styles based on modern trends.

All hairdressing students from UCOL’s Manawatu, Whanganui and Wairarapa campuses took part.

The History of Hair competition was a great way for students to apply their learning and express their creativity, UCOL hairdressing programme leader Melissa Lange said.

“Competitions like this help students think outside the box and explore what they can mould and create hair into.”

The event is a good introduction to hairdressing competitions, which require entrants to create exaggerated styles, which they wouldn’t do every day in a salon, Lange said.

Students were marked on whether their styles had a balanced form, how well they hid clips and padding, and overall presentation.