People enjoying the night market in the town square last Friday. PHOTO/ELISA VORSTER

Last night marked the fourth and final trial of a Friday night market in Masterton, with the council gearing up to discuss whether there’s a permanent place for them in the town’s future.

A spokesperson for Masterton District Council said the night markets had been a great way for council to test the appetite for a different way to use space in the town centre, and the town square played host for the second time last night.

“Having the [first two] night markets on Park St clearly demonstrated an enthusiasm for this sort of event and for our town centre to be used in this sort of way.

The town square space had a very different atmosphere to Park St and it was interesting to get feedback from the community on what elements they enjoy at each location.

“All of the information gained through these trial projects is being fed into early designs for permanent changes, which we will soon be discussing with our town centre stakeholders as a first step towards refining designs.”