Featherston netballers showing off their new uniforms. PHOTO/SUPPLIED



The Featherston Netball Club is on court with a fresh, new look for 2019.

The club has received a set of new gear this week through support provided by the ANZ Netball Grants Programme.

Featherston Netball’s Nifo Ili applied to ANZ for assistance because they are slowly rebuilding the town’s club after a few years in the doldrums.

The club have a core group of keen players who are passionate about the sport, but unable to afford to play.

“We are very excited about receiving this grant and a new set of bibs,” Ili said.

“Our club did not have a set of bibs and we are truly grateful for this grant, which has given our club a big start to the 2019 season.”

“We hope that the club’s netball players feel supported to be the best they can be and play with confidence,”

ANZ head of sponsorship Sue McGregor said.

Featherston debut their new gear in the first day of grading games at Colombo Rd today.