The car that crashed into a ute [on far side of road] which then hit a power pole on Upper Plain Rd, cutting power to 800 houses on Monday night. PHOTO/STEVE RENDLE

Around 800 houses were left without power for up to eight hours on Monday night after two cars crashed at the intersection of Masterton’s Edith St and Chamberlain Rd, resulting in downed power lines.

The collision happened shortly after 8pm.

A small car crashed into the side of a larger ute which then hit a power pole, causing fallen lines and a power outage that lasted until 4am on Tuesday for some properties.

Police, ambulance and fire units all attended the scene and three people were assessed for minor chest injuries caused by air bags.

Sergeant Ian Osland said police were still investigating the cause of the accident, but it appeared driver inattention may have been a factor.