The crossing on Carterton High St, which has seen residents suffer hits from vehicles in recent years. PHOTO/FILE


Roading officials met in Carterton yesterday to discuss safety in the district, with the town’s High St crossing high on the agenda.

Representatives from Carterton District Council [CDC] and the New Zealand Transport Agency [NZTA] are to talk over safety strategies after locals raised concerns to both authorities.

CDC chief executive Jane Davis suffered injuries after being hit by a car on the crossing last July.

Local man Mike Osborne alerted the agency after a friend was nearly hit by a car on the crossing.

Osborne said the incident spurred him to make contact.

“Ultimately, I saw a near miss with my own eyes. Jane Davis had been struck on the crossing last year, and people are reporting similar things.

“They get the feeling that something is not quite right about the crossing, the way its constructed, or whatever.

“Does it need a speed hump? I don’t know, all I’m doing is flagging up a potential issue and I think there are safety engineers who have that as their field of expertise.”

Dave Gittings of CDC said as the crossing is on the state highway, NZTA has jurisdiction over it.

“But CDC is always willing to assist in any safety improvements that benefit pedestrians or drivers in regards to the crossing.”

Three people have died on Carterton roads in 2020, and a man remains in hospital after suffering serious injuries following a hit and run near the town in May.

NZTA last week announced further safety measures further up the highway.

The corridor between Carterton and Masterton has been a cause of concern for residents for many years.

A roundabout will be built at the highway’s corner with Norfolk Rd, on the Carterton-Masterton boundary, and safety barriers will be erected on the stretch of road connecting the Wairarapa settlements.