The Trust House Recreation Centre management (from left): Deborah Davidson, Hollee Wilton, Antionette Aalbers, Sherry Toia, and Rachel Burgess. PHOTO/ELISA VORSTER


Antionette Aalbers was proud her all-female management team could celebrate with Wairarapa women last Thursday by empowering them through fitness.

The Trust House Recreation facility manager and her team hosted a day filled with free fitness classes for women to mark this year’s International Women’s Day.

Mark Blake, general manager of Belgravia which runs the facility, said the day was all about celebrating women, who make up over 50 per cent of its membership base.

One of the free classes at Trust House Recreation Centre yesterday to mark International Women’s Day.

“Women are leading the way in health and fitness and looking after themselves.

“It’s a celebration of them and we wanted to give something back.”

He was also proud the vast majority of the company’s managers across Australia and New Zealand were women, something reflected in Masterton where there was a female heading up each of the facility’s departments.

“It’s not by design – the best people for the job were women,” he said.