Cathy, We Miss You.
A long, long time ago, well about 4 years actually, as our business continued to grow, we were lucky enough to employ you to help us run it. You were a superb, valued, and appreciated employee. In fact, so good at what you did we had to think of an appropriate title just for you – Miracle Worker. Then earlier this year you had the cheek to hand in your notice and retire – how dear you. ‘Retire’, gee, after all you are only mumble something. Now we are left to find someone fill your shoes. Your replacement must have a sense of humour, must enjoy meeting and chatting with customers, and must have good r, r, and r skills (not relaxation, rest, and recreation either). Self-storage may appear to be an easy business, but at our place you’ll need to be on your game. It’s busy but you’ll get enough time for lunch (just). And you’ll leave for home at the end of each day with a sense of satisfaction as well as knowing you’ll be well compensated for your efforts and results. Therefore, if you’d like to mix business with pleasure email me personally, Julian at Masterton Self-Storage ( and sell me on why you are the person for the position. I’ll then phone you to convince you why you should be doing it for us!
Oh PS: This is a permanent part-time position (initially 2 days a week) but you’ll also need to be available to work full weeks for approximately 3 months of the year.
PPS: Would be more suited to a mature person.
Masterton Self-Storage – 291 High Street, Masterton.