Australian holiday makers made a splash at Henley Lake last night.

A father and four children, one aged just three years old, were rescued from a campervan which ended up stuck 25m into the lake in Masterton last night.

The incident happened at around 8pm, when the family arrived to park up for the night after a day of touring around the region.

The mother got out of the campervan to stretch her legs, and the father was about to do the same when the van, still in gear, lurched forward into the lake.

A campervan with five passengers wound up in Henley Lake last night.

Emergency services arrived shortly after, and a fireman waded into the lake to attach a rope to the van.

The family were rescued unharmed using a waka ama vessel, and taken to Masterton Police Station to warm up, before accommodation was found for them for the night.