The truck crash on Paierau Rd. PHOTOS/ELI HILL

Second Masterton truck accident in seven days
Hopes for drop in speed limit

The driver of a truck which overturned on a bend on Paierau Rd near Opaki on Monday escaped with only minor injuries.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the scene just after midday and a cordon was placed across the road which forms part of the bypass around Masterton.

While emergency services initially suspected that the driver had suffered serious injuries, a spokesperson for Wellington Free Ambulance said he had received minor injuries.

He was treated at the scene and not transported to hospital.

The vehicle, however, was in worse shape.

Both the truck and trailer overturned and crushed the steel railing on the corner.

Police said a crane had to be brought in to remove the truck and its load of timber, and the road was closed for much of the afternoon.

A resident on the road said she’d initially heard what sounded like a truck changing into a lower gear, but then the sound changed and she soon heard sirens.

“There were around four [police] cars and fire trucks and an ambulance there.

“Hopefully that’ll make them change the speed limit – 100kph is too fast for the road, particularly around that corner.”

The crash comes two days after a ute hit the bridge on Bridge St in Eketahuna early on Saturday morning.

The male driver of the ute was transferred to Wellington Hospital where on Monday he was in a serious condition in the intensive care unit.