Water tax proposal: Farmers bite back

BECKIE WILSON [email protected] Wairarapa farmers have reacted strongly against a Labour Party proposal to charge them royalties for irrigation to finance the cleaning up New Zealand’s waterways – one said he did not understand the thinking behind it and another... read more

Pea weevil payouts sought

Ministry of Primary Industries’ arable industry representative and cropping farmer Karen Williams. PHOTO/SUPPLIED BECKIE WILSON [email protected] A year on from the region-wide ban on growing peas, many Wairarapa farmers who were forced to look at alternatives... read more

Lambing season looms

By Beckie Wilson [email protected] As lambing season looms, many Wairarapa farmers will be doing it tough because of recent deluges that have left the ground “absolutely saturated”, says a Wairarapa stock agent. PGG Wrightson’s Brian Diamond said fattening old... read more

Weather thins out olive oil

By Beckie Wilson [email protected] Wairarapa’s olive oil producers have had a tough harvest season over the past few months which will have oil lovers needing to get in quick as stock will be limited. Due to last summer’s lack of sunshine hours coupled with... read more

Can’t fight rules – farmer

South Wairarapa dairy farmer Hank Van Den Bosch says new MPI regulations may just be creating more work for farmers who are already doing “a good job”. PHOTO/SUPPLIED By Beckie Wilson [email protected] Regulations are not something you can either fight or... read more

Sisters know how it is done

CAPTION: Liz Barnes (left) and her sister Cheryl Hughson with Flash, one of the male alpacas PHOTO/BECKIE WILSON By Beckie Wilson [email protected] If someone told sisters Cheryl and Liz 16 years ago that they would be living together and running an alpaca farm,... read more

100 years to clean up our lake

Beckie Wilson [email protected] Wairarapa is home to one of New Zealand’s dirtiest lakes which a scientist has revealed will take a century, maybe longer, to clean up to any great extent. The shallow Lake Wairarapa has suffered decades of abuse, with sewage and... read more
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