By Chelsea Boyle

A raised zebra crossing is finally in the pipeline for High St, near the Carterton Medical Centre, much to the delight of councillors and residents.

And nobody could be happier than Kate Nolan.

Her late mother Janet Selley had campaigned to bring a crossing to the busy area, gathering hundreds of signatures on her mobility scooter to bring the issue to the attention of New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Mrs Selley believed the area was dangerous for elderly people using the medical centre, people using nearby businesses, and for children attending the early childhood centre in the area.

Mrs Nolan was thrilled to hear the news that a NZTA proposal suggesting a raised zebra crossing had been endorsed by the Carterton District Council.

“It’s a marvellous thing,” she said.

Her mother had been hugely passionate about the issue and had gone to a lot of effort “trundling around town on her little scooter” to get those signatures.

Mrs Nolan said in the past attempting to cross to the medical centre had really scared her mother.

It had taken almost two years to get to this point, “the wheels turn slowly”, Mrs Nolan said.

“It’s been worth the effort, and I know mum would be really pleased.

“Pedestrian safety has to take priority.”

She said she was thankful for the support and co-operation of NZTA and Carterton District Council.

The NZTA proposal said the crossing needed to be raised so it would be more “conspicuous” to drivers and acknowledged this ran the risk of increased noise.

Carterton Mayor John Booth was pleased with the result.

He said it was important for elderly folk, especially those using walkers or mobility scooters to have the crossing there.

“It’s been a long time coming.

“It’s a wonderful thing to happen.”

The council are awaiting a response from NZTA regarding when construction will begin.

It is likely that a no stopping line leading up to the crossing will remove one parking space from the area.