By Chelsea Boyle

Big-hearted youngsters Lily Allan and Phoebe Wylie are hoping to make a big difference this Sunday when they chop their locks to raise money and awareness for bowel cancer sufferers.

The best friends are planning on saving their ponytails, so they can be donated to a wig company before they shave their heads, and hope they can raise money for the Wairarapa Cancer Society along the way.

For Lily, the gesture is in memory of her mother who passed away from bowel cancer about three years ago.

“Since my mum died from cancer I wanted to do it for her,” Lily said.

She said she hoped some of her mum’s friends would be able to attend the event they are having on Sunday.

For Phoebe, it is a way to support her aunt who was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer.

“I had been thinking about donating my hair for a while,” Phoebe said.

“One day, Lily and I were having a playdate and she brought up shaving our heads.”

Both girls were a mix of nerves and excitement about the plan but they are set on making a difference.

“We don’t want to wear anything to cover our heads,” Phoebe said. “Just sunblock.”

Phoebe’s mother Kate Wylie said she was incredibly proud of the girls.

“They are adamant that’s what they are doing,” she said.

“They are both strong little characters.

“When they decided to go completely bald, I was a bit surprised.

“Both Mark [Lily’s dad] and I played it down for a little bit, in case the novelty of the idea wore off.

“They became more and more persistent, and they were definitely not dropping it.”

The two girls started working towards fundraising with their own lemonade stall, and have saved that money to donate.

Lily’s father, Mark Allan, said it was completely their own idea — “between the two of them they cooked it up”.

Lily and Phoebe can be supported on their givealittle page, which is yet to go live, but will be under the title “Lily & Phoebe for Cancer”.

Lily and Phoebe’s fundraiser will take place this Sunday at the Paper Road Winery and Bistro at 3pm.

Their ponytails will be given to Freedom Wigs Limited in Dunedin.