Masterton mayor and deputy chair of the Bring it to Colombo Trust (BTCT) Lyn Patterson (left), BTCT trustees Geordie McCallum, Annelise Scott, Julie Browne, Rotary president Rob Cameron, incoming Rotary president Warren Carter, directors Marilyn Bouzaid and Stephen Kerr. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

The Masterton South Rotary Club officially handed over its $30,000 grant to the Bring it to Colombo Trust on Tuesday.

The grant was an important part of the final push to raise enough money to fund the project to upgrade the netball facilities on Colombo Rd.

Rotary president Rob Cameron was on hand to present the cheque, and said they were thrilled to get behind such a worthy cause.

“It encompasses a large number of people who will benefit from it.

“That’s one of the big reasons we are getting behind it.”

It was about time netball had access to high quality facilities, as was the case with other sports in the region, he added.

“Rugby has good headquarters, hockey has good headquarters and netball is due for an upgrade.

“It will be great for netball in the region.”